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News Column

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Current | Archive: 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010

An article about us in the Langkawi Gazette. Many thanks to Kamila for the write up!

By Kamila Delart

While the number of arrivals tends to be presented by the authorities in a very positive light, those involved in tourism business have another story to tell. Considering that nearly 80 % of the island’s population relies on tourism as a main source of income - not the brightest times the island has seen.

While the majority is simply hoping for the best, some feel compelled to take action. Determined to boost not only their own business but to benefit the whole island!
Targeting German travelers, known as enthusiastic nature lovers with high disposable income, the new owner of DEV’S ADVENTURE TOURS pulled all the strings to get a full Langkawi feature aired on the leading German TV channel, ARD. Revolving around eight German couples who travel on a superyacht to discover the world’s most fascinating destinations, the show ‘Lust auf Meer’ is widely popular. So just the kind of exposure we need!

A Langkawi resident for 23 years now, CLAUDIA MUELLER knows the island by heart. So the itinerary she put together covered the most captivating experiences our island has to offer. And so, followed by three TV production crews, the German explorers got to laze on the beach, enjoy a ride with the Cable Car and have some fun in Malaysia’s largest 3D Museum, ‘The Art in Paradise’. Prior to joining a bicycle tour that turned out to be the absolute highlight of their visit!

Pedaling along tiny roads in the countryside, they got to experience the real life of Langkawi with the sleepy atmosphere of local fishermen villages, buffalo herds relishing in a mud-bath in the paddy fields and local artisans working on a traditional batik piece.

Of course, their experience wouldn’t be complete without a stop at a small local eatery and the delicious taste of roti canai accompanied by tea tarek.
The explorers’ final stop? Chef Shuk’s charming house that captures the spirit of traditional Malay architecture while housing the island’s most famous rumah dapur (kitchen).

A rather symbolic choice then to truly absorb the local culture, one has to explore all her flavours. And there is no one around who knows more about indigenous herbs and traditional spices than our Shukri!

The Langkawi Feature should air on one of the most watched German TV channels at the beginning of next year. So if you are a local business owner - time to start practicing a few welcoming phrases in German.

A traveler planning a trip to our island and eager to experience the real life of Langkawi? Follow the footsteps of the German travelers by joining a Nature Cycling Trip with Dev’s Adventure Tours.


Change of ownership

With this last column of my hand I inform you that I have sold my company and that Dev’s Adventure Tours Sdn Bhd will change ownership. The new owners, Miss Claudia Mueller and Mr. Daniel Chiah, will handle the company with their wealth of experience in the travel industry effective from 1 November 2015.

After more than nine years I felt it was time to move on and to look into other things that life has to offer. Langkawi has been an extremely interesting and intense chapter in my life, during which I have met a lot of nice people and learned so many new things.

From the bottom of my heart I thank everybody for the continuous support to me and the team from the start in September 2006. It was an unforgettable journey with memories that I will cherish forever!

"Moving on is simple. It's what we leave behind that's hard."


May 2015

Time flies and we are already 5 months on the way in this year. There are many things happening on the island and construction and development seems to be ongoing everywhere. It was the year of LIMA (Langkawi International Maritime and Aerospace Exhibition) and part of the Asian Summit was held on the island last month that brought a lot of different visitors to the island.

As usual the first quarter of the year was extremely busy for us, which means non-stop working for our office and for our guides. The weather was absolutely wonderful and from the beginning of the year we had 3 very good and sunny months, which were extremely dry. The rain started slowly at the end of March, but until now we still did not get a lot of rain. So there might be some rain expected in the next months, which nature will need. Rain will never be a reason for us to cancel a trip (unless we are not able to guarantee our guest’s safety anymore) and some trips can actually be very nice during or after a rain shower, especially in the mangroves!

As we are currently in the low season we are using the time to do all the things we don’t have time for in peak season. Our equipment is upgraded (maintenance and repair), our staff is upgrading and updating their knowledge (swimming classes, foreign language classes and first aid refreshment course) and we had again time for a good jungle cleaning. The start of our jungle trek is next to the sea and the high tides coming in twice a day are always bringing in a lot of rubbish. Actually we should do this more often as a week after the cleaning it looks dirty again and we will try to make more time for these important things.

Our team is doing well and in both teams (office and guides) the new team members have integrated very well and we are having a lot of fun together. We finally had time for a special team outing recently where we were challenged to a Skytrex adventure and we could not have chosen a better activity. Great fun, a bit scary here and there, but a perfect activity for teambuilding with of course a nice dinner afterwards.

And last but not least we would like to share our happiness about the recognition we received from Tripadvisor:

Congratulations to Dev's Adventure Tours!


On behalf of all of us at TripAdvisor, I'm very pleased to welcome Dev's Adventure Tours to the Certificate of Excellence Hall of Fame. This unique accolade is granted only to those businesses that have won the Certificate of Excellence for five years in a row.

We are very happy and proud to have achieved this and this would not have been possible by the raving reviews that many of you have posted on Tripadvisor. A big thank you for continuously supporting our company and a big thank you to the whole team for making so many guests happy!

The next months we expect to be busy again; the Ramadan will start in a few weeks with the subsequent celebrations afterwards, some parts of the world will have their (long) summer break and others will just visit our island for a few days; we are looking forward to see you all on our eco trips!

If you have any question or comment you want to share with us, please feel always free to do so on our Facebook page and/or by sending an e-mail to: info@langkawi-nature.com

Please check our eco-packages with discounts; more nature at affordable rates!

January 2015

Happy New Year to our friends all over the world!

Photo Monique Weisz

The new year has started with good weather and we had already some nice and sunny days. That was a big relief after the two very rainy weeks we had since the middle of December. The week of Christmas we had days with almost nonstop rain, which is very rare at this time of year as this is supposed to be our dry season. Hopefully the dry season has really started now. At least the rain gave the island a very fresh and nice look and it is a great pleasure watching the green paddy fields at this moment!

Even though it was raining a lot, most of our guests still came on our trips and we only had to cancel our jungle trek several times as we could simply not guarantee the safety of our guests anymore. But the rest of the trips were on as usual and the guests all had a great time! Especially the mangroves can be very exciting during and after a rain shower! We were well prepared for the peak season and all our equipment has been double checked and repaired where needed. We are also training a new guide at this moment and she will be able to cater for the Chinese speaking market in the near future.

We have done a lot together with The Charity Club Langkawi last year by hosting children of underprivileged families on the island on our mangrove boat trips and this is something all our guides are doing with great pleasure. The happiness on the faces of these children during a trip is worth a lot and we will continue to support them as much as we can.

The main reason for many people to visit Langkawi is still the beautiful nature and the Geopark. There is still a lot of wildlife around that you can see during our trips and the Oriental Scops Owl is without doubt one of the highlights during the mangrove boat trip, although it is not easy to spot this small bird. And actually this is a must see for bird lovers. Now the dry season has started the bird watching trips are more popular as there will be more migratory birds around during these months. But the trails of all our trips are always interesting with amazing views without seeing a lot of birds and/or wildlife and it gets you to areas that you might not see while driving around on your own.

Oriental Scops Owl – photo Tom Reynolds

We have recently celebrated our 8th anniversary and we are very grateful for all the support we are getting from our friends, agents and resorts. We are known for our high quality and service level in general and for our knowledgeable and passionate guides. Thanks to everyone for your continuous support!

Our team is wishing you all a healthy, lucky, prosperous and adventurous 2015 and we are always happy to receive your reaction or constructive feedback at: info@langkawi-nature.com

June 2014

We are almost halfway 2014 with the month of Ramadan around the corner and as usual time is flying. The last months have given the island at least enough rain to give it a nicer and greener look and it came most of the time in short and heavy showers so it did not affect our trips in any way.

After an incredibly busy peak season we had a few weeks in May that we could slow down a bit and we used this time for many other things like maintenance of our equipment and clearing up the start of our jungle trail, which was number one on the priority list of our guides. We managed to fill up 16 bags of rubbish within 1 hour and decided to repeat this on a more regular basis.

Many of our guests are booking with us after reading the reviews on Tripadvisor. We are very proud of the fact that we have reached the number of 1000 reviews a few weeks ago and we are still counting. The knowledge and passion of our guides is often praised and our guests really like the fact that we are providing a fun but educational tour, also for families with children, and that this is done in an eco-friendly way. Mangrove tree planting is one of the activities during our mangrove trips and while our guests are enjoying a swim and/or the scenery during the beach stop our guides will try to collect as much rubbish as possible that is coming in twice a day with the tides.

We managed to be rewarded again by Tripadvisor for 2014 with the Certificate of Excellence! We really appreciate all the efforts of our guests to write about us and to make it known how much they enjoyed our trips. And the constructive feedback always gives food for thought and discussion within the team.

Our team hardly changed the last years and most of us are already working together now for many years. Commitment and dedication are the key factors for this team. Besides hard work we also make time to discuss pending matters, guests issues and possible improvement and of course we make time to just have some fun together. The company is very happy with this amazing team of ambassadors, not only for this company, but also for Langkawi and Malaysia in general.

Do you have any suggestion for us or any idea for improvement? We would love to hear your opinion and please feel free to contact us at info@langkawi-nature.com !

March 2014

Dry Langkawi

It is more than 3 months ago that Langkawi had some significant rain. Recently it looked like the rainy season was starting with a short shower in the afternoon on 3 consecutive days, but we are back to the sunny days that made many of the tourists happy while visiting our island. Nature is suffering and at many places it looks like autumn as the trees are dropping their leaves.

The dry season has been busy for us but we were well prepared. We have upgraded our mountain bikes for more comfort and we have extended our kayak fleet to a total number of 28 good quality kayaks. Visitors from all over the world have been on our trips during the festive season of Christmas and New Year, followed by the Chinese New Year. We love the mix of different nationalities and cultures and our guides are happy to exchange information with their guests. Through our Facebook page we are trying to update our followers on an almost daily basis about interesting facts that are happening on Langkawi.

Photo: Tom Reynolds

One of the happy facts during the dry season is as usual the birth of the Dusky Langur babies. The orange / yellow colored babies are beautiful and are worth taking the time to locate them and get a photo. And sometimes you are even lucky enough to see twins!

We are preparing for another busy period in April during the festive season of Easter and we highly recommend our guestss to book our trips as early as you can to avoid disappointment. Please check our eco-packages that will give discounts if you book more than 1 trip with us but please note that this is ONLY valid for direct bookings which basically means a booking made by you per phone, per mail or by visiting our office in Cenang.

We are looking forward to read your experiences on our Facebook page or your questions and booking requests per mail (info@langkawi-nature.com) or phone (019 4949193)!

Aug 2013

Luxury Travel Magazine

We are very proud and happy to share with you the 8 full pages in the Luxury Travel Magazine, where our company is featured in a great way:


Langkawi is still full of wildlife and you will get the nature at its best; our nature guides are very eager to show you the flora and fauna on our beautiful island. If you want to keep yourself updated about Langkawi and what is happening in the nature field we recommend you to check our company page on Facebook.

Please feel free to contact us if you have a question, request, booking or if you want to share your experience and/or photos with us; we will be happy to receive your comments at info@langkawi-nature.com

May 2013

Certificate of Excellence 2013

We are very happy and proud that TripAdvisor has recognised our company again with a 2013 Certificate of Excellence. This prestigious award places us in the top-performing 10% of all businesses worldwide on TripAdvisor and is given to businesses that consistently earn high ratings from TripAdvisor travellers.

Many thanks to all our guests who have reviewed our company in the last year on TripAdvisor; the support of our guests and friends is highly appreciated. With more than 700 reviews 98.5% of our guests are rating our trips as very good or excellent and this is the biggest reward our team can get.

On behalf of Khirien, Vani, Jerome, Shuhada, Selva, Mandy and Shah, I would like to thank you all for the support you have given to our company and our team is looking forward to continue the high service and quality level as usual and to serve you to the best level with our trips.


February 2013

Langkawi Nature updates

Welcome to the Year of the Snake and wishing all our friends and guests a Happy Chinese New Year!

Nature is an ongoing interesting phenomenon and there is always something going on, even though you would follow the same trail or do the same trip every day. Migratory birds, unexpected sightings of animals in certain areas, nesting birds, and newborn monkey babies are some of them and there is so much more.

Chestnut-headed Bee-eater - photo Sofian Zack Mangrove Pit Viper - photo Tom Reynolds
Sun Skink - photo Ian Roberts  

We are updating our company Facebook page daily and this can be a good way to get already a good idea of what Langkawi has to offer in the flora and fauna field or it can be a nice reminder of the time you have already spent on the island.

Please have a look at our Facebook page and any input or question is more than welcome there or through our e-mail: info@langkawi-nature.com

We love to share our experiences and passion about Langkawi with you!

November 2012

Dev’s Adventure Tours – your gateway to nature since 2006


October 2012


These are the current team members of Dev’s Adventure Tours: We are all looking forward to meet you on one of our trips!

Anne-Marie - Managing Director Jerome - Naturalist
Khirien - Naturalist Selva - Naturalist
Mandy - Naturalist, Sales, Planning Coordinator Shah - Naturalist
Shuhada - Naturalist Vani - Sales, Planning Coordinator

Please drop us a mail for bookings or inquires at info@langkawi-nature.com

June 2012 – LAST COLUMN

Time is flying and years are passing like weeks. The world around us is changing and it is hard to get by with all the changes and innovations. All kind of social networks are daily (if not hourly) business for many people and therefore I have decided that this column will be the last.

We are better able to update you about Langkawi’s flora and fauna through the Dev’s Adventure Tours page on Facebook. We kindly invite you to have a look at this newly set up page and to ‘like’ it. You are also free to post any nature related issue on this page, to share your trip experience with us or to ask a question. Our guides will also update you with their experiences during their trips with photos if possible.

On behalf of all our team members I would like to thank you all for the continuous support to our company; the positive feedback is highly appreciated and the constructive feedback is taken as such and will keep us open minded to make improvements where possible.

‘To improve is to change; to be perfect is to change often’- Winston Churchill

We hope to receive the same support from you in the future and we are looking forward to ‘meet’ you at our Facebook page!



March 2012

We could not have wished for a better start of the year 2012; we had the highest numbers of guests within 1 month ever and all guides were doing many extra trips to fulfil all the requests. We even had to refuse some guests with last minute bookings as we were simply fully booked on many days. Although we would be able to get more business by taking more guests we will always stick to the rules and to our own principles and we have our maximum number per trip to secure the service and quality level our guests are used to.

The rainy season seems to have started early this year. Since the end of February we are already having the short and heavy rain showers, mostly in the early evenings and during the night. Actually it is very refreshing and most of the time the next morning it is extremely clear and so beautiful to be outdoors.

As usual this is a very interesting time of the year for bird watching. Many migratory birds will make Langkawi their home for a couple of months and we always get some nice surprises. During one of his bird watching outings our wildlife photographer Tom Reynolds was lucky to see a Large Hawk Cuckoo at the bottom of the Gunung Raya in one of the rubber trees. He managed to make an amazing photo of this bird which is not easy to spot on Langkawi. If you are a bird lover a trip into the forest and/or up the mountain can be very rewarding during these months.

After the busy months of January and February we are now back to normal peak season level which means we can do some other things as well. We continue to support the Langkawi Charity Club with mangrove boat trips on a monthly basis for the underprivileged people on Langkawi. And we are investing to upgrade our equipment. New kayaks are on the way and should be coming in during the next months. We are very pleased with our new bicycles and with a total number of 10 new bicycles we can increase the total number of guests per trip to 9 persons instead of 6 persons. The nature cycling trip is getting more and more popular and for some good reasons. The focus is on nature and in the meantime we do some cycling; many interesting local, natural and cultural aspects will be highlighted during the trip and it is a nice and different way to see Langkawi from a completely different angle.

For more updates on what we are doing please visit our company page on Facebook and if you have any suggestion or idea or question please feel free to contact us at info@langkawi-nature.com

Hope to catch up with you with the next column.



December 2011

At this time of the year we are celebrating the 5th anniversary of the company! Time flies and the company is now already active for more than 5 years; a few memorable dates:

  • 18 September 2006 – decision made to start this company
  • 30 September 2006 – the company name is known
  • 15 October 2006 – first official trip for an agent – 4 persons on mangrove boat trip
  • 6 November 2006 – officially established as private limited company

Thanks to everybody for all the support which brought the company to the current position: well known for our service, flexibility, reliability and quality and contracted to many agents and resorts.

We have made many (small) steps during the last years to improve our service and quality level and we will always continue to do this. Our most important goal is the guest satisfaction while providing our guests an unforgettable experience in nature. We really appreciate the feedback that we are getting through e-mail, phone, through the guides, resorts and agents as well as through various internet sites of which Tripadvisor will be the best known. At the time of writing this column we reached the total number of 376 reviews and 84% of the reviewers rated our trips and service as excellent!

A team is as strong as the weakest chain and I am very proud of the strength of our team; a big thanks to all of them for the current success of the company.

Unfortunately there are also some downsides on being a successful company. One of them is the fact that other companies try to use our name and reputation; you might be given the impression that you have booked a trip with our company and you will be put on a trip of another operator. Also some of the resorts tend to support those operators who are giving the highest commission and they seem to care less about the service and quality of that operator. Our advice: get the truth before you go (is part of the holiday fun anyway) and book your trips in advance or directly with the operators. We will stick to our principles and offer the best service and quality during our trips at affordable rates that are the same for all resorts and agents.

We are looking forward to the next 5 years and hope that we can rely on your support as usual!

All our team members wish you a peaceful and healthy 2012 and we hope you will treat our planet in the same way you would like to be treated!



October 2011

The September month was a wet month; heavy rain showers and some days with a lot of rain for hours and hours. There were also a lot of dry and sunny days, where the rain was saved for the evenings and nights.

It was already for a while that we were thinking of doing something for the local people on the island. We often meet locals, born and raised on Langkawi, who have never been in the mangroves or in other parts of the island where we are running our trips. We decided to contact the Charity Club on Langkawi and offered them to sponsor mangrove trips for underprivileged people. The reaction was very positive and we left it up to them to decide which groups they would send.

The first trip was on Wednesday 21 September 2011 in the afternoon.

It was a group of students with some teachers of the Tunku Putra School in Padang Matsirat. They got the full mangrove trip by boat as our regular guests usually get and they thoroughly enjoyed it. Our guide Khirien and boatman Awi pointed out many animals (but seeing a snake was definitely one of the highlights) and they finally went to the fish farm to enjoy a nice meal and to get a tour of the fish farm.

All participants will finally get a group photo of the event so they have something to remember. The trip is fully sponsored by our company and we would like to thank our subcontractors for the special rates they have given us to run this trip. Our guides are volunteering and they are all more than happy to do so.

This trip will be done once per month until the end of this year and it will be continued in 2012; we hope to be able to increase the frequency of these trips but this will depend on donations. If you would like to sponsor an extra trip please contact me at anne@langkawi-nature.com or contact the Langkawi Charity Club at www.langkawicharity.com as they are always in need of support in many fields to help the underprivileged people on Langkawi. They are doing a great job and our company is happy to contribute a little bit in this way with our mangrove boat trips.

Hope to catch up with you in the next column.



August / September 2011

It is a while ago that we gave you some information through this column. The launch of our new brochure and our new website with the new image went smoothly and successfully. In the meantime all our guests and the resorts and agents that are supporting us, seemed to get used to it very quickly. Normally December till the end of March is the real peak season for our business and there is always a ‘second’ peak season in July and August due to the school holidays in Europe and other parts of the world, which was the same this year. The lower price for the mangrove boat trip (160RM now instead of 180RM for adults and 100RM now instead of 140RM for children) turned out to be a good decision when we look at the numbers. Many families were on our trips and it is amazing how many different nationalities you can count within a few weeks. We are also getting more bookings for the nature cycling trip now this trip is promoted in our brochure and the new trip ‘Untold Stories of Langkawi’ is slowly finding its way to become more known.

Durian Perangin
Durian Perangin

At the end of August we had a few days with heavy rainfall on the island. Besides the usual problems the island is facing, we would like to highlight the positive effects of the rain. First of all it was really necessary to get some rain as the months before were definitely too poor in that field. And secondly, there are locations that are so much more interesting to visit during or after heavy rainfall and visiting one of the waterfalls is almost a must.


I decided to visit all three waterfalls on the island within one afternoon (which can easily be done if you have your own car or if you rent a car with a driver) and I must admit that this was one of the best outings I gave myself for a long time. The falls were extremely nice with a lot of water coming down and it was amazing to watch this natural and impressive violence. The most spectacular waterfall for me that afternoon was without doubt the Temurun waterfall, located on the way to Datai Bay, but the Seven Wells waterfall (cable car area) was a good runner up. Durian Perangin is worth a visit too, but this waterfall is separated into several smaller falls which will make the view less spectacular.

Seven Wells
Seven Wells

All waterfalls were easily accessible, but I would still recommend everybody to wear good shoes with some profile, especially when you are visiting the locations during heavy rain. So, whenever you are on the island and you will face some heavy rain for a few days, it is highly recommended to head to the waterfalls where you will have a much better experience than you will have during the dry season. This month we will start with something new and we are all excited about it. We will update you soon, so we hope to catch up with you in the next column.



May / June 2011

Welcome to our new website!

We are very proud that after months of hard work we are finally able to show you the results. And not only our website is completely renewed; we are also coming up with a new brochure as per 1 June 2011.

The new brochure has one page extra compared to the old one as our new trip ‘Untold Stories’ and the ‘Nature Cycling’ trip are now both included.

We have also decided to change some prices as per 1 June 2011; one of the changes is the drop in price for children (5-12 years old) for the mangrove kayak trip and the jungle trek or jungle trek / evening walk. Another change is the price for the mangrove boat trip for both adults and children. We noticed that we were a bit too expensive for especially families with a few (paying) children and we hope that with the new lower prices more guests will be able to join our mangrove boat trip.


We are also very happy to inform you that our company has won a 2011 TripAdvisor Certificate of Excellence. TripAdvisor awards this certificate to properties who consistently receive excellent ratings from their members and we are one of them. Our passionate team of nature guides is doing a great job and I am very proud that they are rewarded in such a way; many thanks to Khirien, Nour, Selva, Mandy, Shah and Jerome!

Enjoy exploring our new website and our new brochure and hope to catch up with you in the next column.



April 2011

We are happy to introduce to you our new trip called ‘Untold Stories’. After several months of trying out several aspects of the trip we have found a formula that we are happy with and that we would like to share with our guests. Untold Stories of Langkawi will give you a different kind of adventure and all your senses will be triggered as you will get a mix of culture, food, colonial history and its architectural influence. During this 6 hour trip you will visit some interesting places like temples, Malay houses on stilts and the local night market and the guide will tell you all about the Malay culture, food, island legends and various religions. It is a completely different way of experiencing Langkawi and it is highly recommended if you are interested in the less well known stories of a beautiful island like Langkawi.

Malay house on stilts
Lagenda Park

As with all our other trips we will start this trip with a minimum of 2 persons and it is possible to book this trip on Wednesdays and Saturdays. We will start around mid afternoon (about 3pm/3.30pm) and at the end of the trip you will get to taste some really good Indian food, served on a banana leaf at the house of a local family. The price is 200RM per person and we would not recommend this trip for children so the minimum age is 12 years old.

Buddhist Temple
Indian Temple

A combination of culture, nature, history and food; you just have to try it for yourself!

This trip can be booked as an eco-package with any of our other trips. The eco-package will give you a discount of 20RM per person on the second (and next) trip if you book directly with us. Other days for this trip are on request and in that case we will need a minimum of 4 persons to run it.

Hope to catch up with you in the next column.



March 2011

We not only had a different rainy season compared to last year but also the dry season was completely different and climate change seems to be messing up the usual patterns all over the world. We are now heading towards the end of the dry season and the short and heavy rain showers have already started which finally only gave us 5-6 full weeks without rain. But the rain is welcome; it is needed by nature and it is clearing the air and sky and it can be so nice to be out in the open air after a rain shower; the smells, the colours, the sounds; it all seems to have a more intense effect on our senses.

Dusky Leaf Monkeys - by Mick Hill
Dusky Leaf Monkeys - by Mick Hill

The dry season is for many animals the breeding season, although not all mammals will stick to a fixed breeding schedule. New life is born and it gives many nice views during our trips. The Dusky Leaf Monkeys can be found in the jungle; they are 100% herbivore and are living a bit higher up in the trees compared to the Long-tailed Macaques. Their babies are born with a yellow or orange colour and the fur will change to a greyish colour within 6 months. They are feeding on syoung leaves, shoots and seedlings.

During these weeks and the next 2 months bird watching can be quite surprising on the island as many birds will be on their migratory route and might opt for a stay on Langkawi for a couple of weeks before flying further. The birds are also nesting everywhere and it does not take a lot of driving around to find them at various places. We almost bumped into a nest of sunbirds. The nest was hanging on a wire and it does not take a lot of imagination to realise that the birds must have made many flying hours to get this nest up to their standards.

Great Hornbill - by Tom Reynolds
Nest of Sunbird - by Tom Reynolds.jpg

A complete different way of nesting is done by the Great Hornbills and they are Langkawi residents all year round. The most prominent feature of the Hornbill is the bright yellow and black casque on top of its massive bill, which appears U-shaped when viewed from the front. The casque is hollow and does not serve any known purpose. The Great Hornbills form monogamous pair bonds and the females build nests in hollows of large tree trunks. She remains imprisoned in her nest until the chicks are semi-developed relying on the male to bring her food. During this period the female undergoes a complete moult. The young birds have no trace of a casque. After the second year, the front extremity separates from the culmen and in the third year becomes a transverse crescent with the two edges growing outwards and upwards while the anterior gets broader to equal the hind end in width. The full development takes about five years.

You have not heard often from us during the last few months, but we have been extremely busy. First of all we had some very busy months with many trips going out on a daily basis. Secondly a lot of development is going on in the background and some changes and new things will be coming up soon. We will keep you posted through this column and some of the changes you will be able to see for yourselves soon.

Hope to catch up with you in the next column.


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