We offer you trips that will get you close to the beautiful flora and fauna of Langkawi without harming the environment of Langkawi.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

A lot of guests are making their booking by mail before arrival and we are getting a lot of questions; I have made an overview of the most frequently asked questions which might help to answer one of your questions.

  1. Will the trip be on if it is raining? The trip will be on as long as we can ensure the safety of our guests. Most of the rain will come in short and heavy showers which might delay the start of our trips. If we expect the rain to be long and heavy we will contact you in your resort and give you an alternative, which is often to start a few hours later or the day after. Please note that during rainy days it can be extremely nice, especially in the mangroves.
  2. How big are your groups? We are working with limited group size to make sure that all our guests are getting the same attention and are able to enjoy the trip to the maximum. If we have bigger groups we will appoint more guides for that particular trip. The current maximum is 12 persons.
  3. Which trip is suitable for all ages? The mangrove boat trip is the only trip which is suitable for everybody; the physical effort is reduced to a minimum and all ages are welcome on this trip. For our other trips some physical effort is required but all trips are still suitable for everybody with a normal level of fitness.
  4. Why do you recommend to wear swimwear for the mangrove trips? During our mangrove boat trip a swimming stop is scheduled at a nice beach (please note that this is always subject to weather conditions and tide level!) and you will not have a private place to change your clothes, so it is best to wear your swimwear under your clothes. During our mangrove kayak trip there will not be a swimming stop but most probably your seat in the kayak will get wet and it will be more comfortable to get wet with swimwear.
  5. Should we book your trips in advance or once we are on Langkawi? Although we have many last minute options (especially outside the peak season) we recommend you to book one of our trips in advance if you only have limited options (or a certain day) to do the trip to avoid disappointment. If you have more days to do one of our trips there is no problem to book once you are on the island and in that case you can reach us by mail (info@langkawi-nature.com) or by phone (019 4949193).
  6. Do we need to pay in advance? There is no need to pay in advance, unless you are coming with a bigger group. Individual travellers (singles, couples and families) will be requested to pay the full amount on the day of the trip.
  7. Can we pay with credit card? Unfortunately we do not have credit card facilities at this moment, so all payments have to be made in cash. Foreign currencies will be accepted (only notes and no coins) but please note that the exchange rate will be less good compared to licensed money changers and banks.
  8. What other attractions would you recommend during our stay on Langkawi? Langkawi has many things to offer. Besides our trips which will give you an insight to the beauty of Langkawi in the nature field we can recommend a visit to the cable car, one of the waterfalls (Seven Wells is not too far from cable car), fruit farm, local night market, spa treatment, drive up the Gunung Raya (highest mountain of the island), a diving or snorkelling trip and one of the boat trips ranging from island hopping to luxury cruises, depending on your budget. Many options are available and will depend on your interest and duration.

For any information about our trips and/or other attractions and things to do on Langkawi you can always contact us at info@langkawi-nature.com; we will be more than happy to give you some recommendations which will enable you to plan your holiday.

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